About GetSnappy.com

Fast web sites are good. Faster web sites are Snappy.
GetSnappy has one goal: to increase client profits by reducing web page load speeds.

GetSnappy was founded by Brian Gardner, former CTO of Experts-Exchange.com, a premium content subscription site serving the IT industry. Through his daily immersion in other people's technology challenges, Gardner discovered something that was missing in the IT world. He knew companies were losing money when slow loading web sites caused visitors to click away, but the existing solutions didn't do everything he expected of them.

After researching existing options, Gardner realized his need for speed could be addressed more effectively by e-commerce retailers and content providers. That's when he developed:

Starting in 2011 Snap-O-Meter was released as a free SaaS service in hopes of gaining popularity. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.